iSupplier & SPARS


Oracle iSupplier

On January 11th, 2021, General Dynamics Electric Boat (EB) transitioned to an Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for our Supply Chain Management operations. We made this change to build a more digital supply chain system, improve process efficiency, and strengthen our collaboration with our Suppliers.

Oracle iSupplier Training Materials:

The following materials will help you complete your registration steps and help you navigate through iSupplier:

ResourceTopics Covered
Supplier Registration Job Aid Topic 1: How to Register as a Supplier in Oracle iSupplier
Topic 2: Create or Modify Supplier User
Topic 3: Manage Supplier Site Information
Suppliers Registration and Login Troubleshooting Tips Common issues and troubleshooting tips to resolve them.
Managing Oracle iSupplier Job Aid Topic 1: Supplier Notifications
Topic 2: Favorites
Topic 3: Respond to Assessment
Topic 4: View Purchase Order
Topic 5: Respond to a Request for Quote (RFQ)
Topic 6: Create Invoice
Topic 7: Create an Advanced Shipping Notice (New)
OQE and LOA Submission in Oracle iSupplier Job Aid Topic 1: Submit OQE in iSupplier (New)
Topic 2: Submit an LOA with EB Form 2678 in iSupplier (New)
Data Sensitivity Level ('DSL') Identification Resource Supplier resource for identifying data designation (“DSL”)

iSupplier Support

If you have issues or questions while logging in to or using iSupplier,
  1. First reference the trouble shooting tips we have outlined and review training materials
  2. If you continue to experience issues, contact your Buyer for assistance.
  3. If your Buyer is not able to solve your issue, contact the EB Supplier Help Desk at and provide the following information to help us better support you:
    • Your work email address
    • EB Vendor Number
    • Your work location
    • Best phone number to reach you
    • The user name you are using to log in (this is in the EB iSupplier Welcome Email, in the format
    • Name of your main EB Buying contact
    • Attempted action in iSupplier
    • Detailed description of the problem (include error message if applicable and attach screen shot)
    • iSupplier URL you were using when you received the error
    • Can you replicate the problem? (please reference the trouble shooting tips as they may resolve your issue)
    • Are other people in your organization having the same issue?


SPARs is an important tool for all Electric Boat suppliers.  The links below provide access and learning aids.

Exostar, LLC

EXOSTAR is a US third party cloud-based service provider providing a platform within which Electric Boat and its non-US suppliers or potential suppliers of goods and services may securely exchange information.

For access to EXOSTAR for Electric Boat activities please contact your Electric Boat buyer.