Buyer Expectations

Below is a summary of some of our Buyers’ expectations and important things to know when doing business with EB.

At Time of Bid

  • Review all Standard Clauses in their entirety
  • Submit bids on time or you may be considered nonresponsive
  • For bids over $10,000 you may be required to submit the Certification and Representation Form.  Please contact your buyer for additional information.
  • Always quote to EB’s need date or state best lead time
  • Clearly state any non conformances to specifications at time of bid solicitation

At Time of Purchase Order Award

  • Notify buyer if seller cannot make purchase order contract delivery date after receipt of purchase order.
  • Review all purchase order standard clauses in their entirety
  • Submit procedures (VIRs, VPARs, or Test Reports) in a timely manner.
  • If material requires an EB source inspector, take note of EBSI Request Deadline date to ensure enough time for on time delivery to contracted delivery date.
  • Notify buyer when item is ready for source inspection.
  • If order calls for EB Supplied Material, you must notify buyer at receipt of each shipment of EB Supplied Material at your facility (please see Standard Clause 17-16)
  • Your lead time must take into account your estimated period of performance when considering completion of all pre-production efforts (i.e. long lead time material, requirements, tooling, procedures, etc.) and other production schedule demands (i.e. work load, inspection, etc.). You commit to your contract delivery date at the time of quotation or purchase order award.

Throughout Contract

  • Ensure you are ready for source inspection: paperwork complete, material and personnel available at time of visit.
  • Be prepared to make changes to paperwork as needed.
  • Be honest and upfront about any quality concerns.
  • Ask questions as soon as they arise to clear up any confusion.
  • Plan work accordingly to understand your real period of performance, and perform.
  • Report schedule changes as early as possible.

At Time of Delivery

  • Material is accepted anytime prior to contract delivery date if Best Effort is flagged “Y”
  • Wherever possible, use the SPARs VPAC system for preparing shipping labels and packing list.
  • Deliver material to the contracted delivery date
  • Provide Quality Material the first time
  • The vendor promise date is the date you, the supplier, commits to have your parts at Electric Boat (including those that require source inspection). It should reflect date of expected material arrival at Electric Boat, and ideally should be no later than the original Contract Delivery Date.