Electric Boat Corporation is the world's leading designer and builder of nuclear submarines, with core operations at Groton, Connecticut and Quonset Point, Rhode Island.

We provide this information as an introductory guide for prospective suppliers.  You'll find it a handy reference to answer some questions you might have about doing business with Electric Boat.

Our materials acquisition requirements range from specialized, high-technology material and services to those products and services used in any industrial facility.

Our materials acquisition procedures are straightforward.  To the maximum practical extent, we conduct our business through the competitive bid process, ensuring fair quotation evaluations and targeting the best value for our customer. This results in awarding the contract to the responsive bidder most capable of meeting our requirements while considering quality, cost, and schedule. The criticality of quality and schedule requirements cannot be overemphasized.

As a Government prime contractor, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and to treating all suppliers equitably.  Our policies preclude our buyers from accepting gifts or gratuities from existing or prospective suppliers.  Your strict adherence to that policy will avoid embarrassment to you and our employees.

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibility of a future business relationship.

Robert G. Scheel,
Vice President of Quality and Materials


The First Step:  Introduce yourself by writing to the appropriate purchasing representative listed in this web site.  Outline the nature of your business and the products or services you provide.  Include your sales/facilities brochure and Quality Control Manual (if available) and request an appointment to provide more detail and to explore our needs.  If you're a small, disadvantaged, woman-owned or veteran-owned business you may also want to contact our Small/Disadvantaged-Business Coordinator or Woman Owned Small Business Advocate.

What You Can Expect:  When you visit Electric Boat, you'll be greeted by a representative from the Procurement Team, our Small/Disadvantaged-Business Coordinator, or the Traffic Coordinator if you are a transportation company.  They will assist you in meeting the people responsible for purchasing your commodity or service.  We strongly recommend arranging an appointment in advance.  Brochures, catalogues, equipment listings, and the name of your principal customers will assist us in gaining an understanding of your products and services.  Explain what you're doing for others and what you can do for us.  We may not have an immediate requirement that matches your capabilities, but please be patient. When a need arises for your product or service, you'll be considered. 

If you propose to furnish production (as opposed to overhead) material, you may be required to undergo a Quality Assurance survey and subsequent audit that will assess your quality system against the criteria of MIL-Q-9858, MIL-I-45208A and/or Electric Boat specification 2678G.  That survey will be performed by Electric Boat's Quality organization.  You must achieve a satisfactory rating before you can be considered as a source for production material.  Electric Boat Quality recognizes other Second Party or Third Party Quality System Approvals.  Tell us if your quality system is approved by other contractors (e.g. ISO 9000 approvals).  Arrangements for the survey will be coordinated through the buyer.

Quotations:  When you're given an opportunity to quote, you may receive a formal Request For Quotation (RFQ) or a less formal written inquiry, depending on the circumstances and timing.  When you respond to the RFQ, be sure that your quote is accurate and consistent with the requirements of the RFQ.  If you cannot meet all of the requirements, or wish to offer an alternate proposal, ensure that your response clearly indicates your exceptions and/or alternate proposal.  Above all, ensure that you submit your proposal on time.  The buyer will be looking for the most responsive proposal that offers the best value to Electric Boat.  However, the true cost of a product necessarily includes consideration for its quality, reliability, and availability.  These criteria will be considered in evaluating your offer.

Terms:  Discount terms should be clearly and prominently stated.  The buyer will usually indicate the FOB point and the preferred routing.  Note any exceptions, such as prepaid freight incentives, so that we can evaluate the true cost of your offer.

Conditions of Purchase:  Electric Boat is a prime contractor to the United States Government.  As such, we are subject to Government regulations and must pass many of these requirements on to subcontractors.  A careful reading of the Conditions of Purchase will make you aware of these requirements.

Delivery:  Reliable delivery in accordance with our contracts is vital to the success of our business.  Buyers cannot continue to engage suppliers who don't meet schedules. Failure to meet contracted delivery schedules may lead to a removal of you from future bid lists, financial claims for delay and disruption, or potential termination for default.

The Contract:  The buyer will notify you when you are the successful bidder and will issue a purchase order.  Strict compliance with the specifications and requirements of the purchase order is of primary importance.  When you receive a purchase order, review its contents carefully.  Some purchase orders and supplements will require your signed acknowledgment.  Return the signed acknowledgment copy to the buyer promptly.  If you feel the issued purchase order requirements are not consistent with the RFQ and/or your proposal, notify the buyer immediately.  Also notify the buyer promptly if you have not received items that we have agreed to furnish or if you encounter unanticipated delays.  While delivery delays inconvenience all, advance warning of a delay can help to mitigate the impact. If there are any questions regarding the material specifications or services to be provided, please make sure to clarify them before delivery. NOTE: The only method to formally modify or interpret a contract is the VIR process, via the secure SPARS Network.

Shipment:  Schedule shipments so that the material will be received by the specified contract delivery date in an undamaged condition.  Be sure your packaging is adequate and conforms to our instructions.  Include, or separately forward to the buyer if so instructed, any required test reports, certifications, drawings or other software required by the purchase order.  Be sure to ship the material to the destination identified on the purchase order.  The correct purchase order and item numbers must appear on all documents such as the packing list and invoice.  We can't receive and pay for shipments if we can't identify them. To ensure accurate and timely receipt of your material, be sure to use the VPAC application via the secure SPARS Network.

Receipt and Inspection:  Upon receipt of the material, a receiving report will be generated, alerting the buyer and inspection to its receipt.  All production material is subject to receipt inspection to ensure that it complies with the purchase order.

Rejections:  Material may be rejected for such reasons as nonconformance to purchase order requirements, missing or incorrect test reports or certifications, or incorrect quantities.  Space restrictions don't allow us to store material until rejectable conditions are corrected.  Therefore, if your shipment is rejected, it will normally be returned for replacement at your expense, and your quality record will be affected.  Rejections are costly to both the buyer and seller.  Hence, it's extremely important that you conduct your own careful inspection before you ship the material.

Payment:  When your material has been delivered to the specified destination and accepted, your invoice will be paid per the terms of the purchase order.  Be sure you send your invoices to the Accounts Payable Department, or submit invoices through the VPA application via the secure SPARS Network.  Do not send invoices to the material "shipping destination" or to the buyer unless instructed to do so by the buyer.  If a problem or misunderstanding arises about payment, contact the buyer for resolution of the problem.