New Supplier Registration Forms

Title Description
Certification and Representation Regarding Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) Form 84-03-2205 Annually required supplier form
Supplier Registration Form 84-02-2974 Required supplier form
Supplier Quality Questionnaire To be completed and submitted with the Supplier Registration Form when delivery of material is anticipated or when EB otherwise requests.
IRS Annually required tax forms
Access current tax forms on the IRS web site.

Other Forms

Title Description
Appendix A-9 Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Form 84-01-5667 - Contact the EB Buyer for the latest revision To be completed and submitted with orders/quotations expected to exceed $500,000 unless otherwise directed in the P.O. terms and conditions or by the Buyer. Please contact the EB Buyer for more information.
Contractor Safety Questionnaire Contractor's information required to be submitted prior to contracting for Suppliers performing services at an EB site
Notice of Limitation on Government's and Other's Rights Form 84-02-5667 Must be completed and accompany submittals of documents to EB that provide for other than unlimited rights.
Offeror Certifications and Representations Form 84-01-0751 Must be completed and submitted for each proposal or purchase order expected to exceed $10,000.
Supplier Milestone Tracking Report To be completed and submitted, by the Supplier, within (30) days of receiving a purchase order citing Standard Clause 17-264, Supplier Milestone Tracking Reporting requirements. The full requirements of compliance are in the form instructions.
Unclassified Visit Request Form and Instructions Must be completed and submitted prior to unclassified visits to any Electric Boat Facility by individuals.
Vendor Drawing and Engineering Review Form 84-01-03518:

Form for requesting vendor drawing approval.