2009 Electric Boat Supplier Quality Conference Presentations

  • It is Recommended that Power Point Presentations be downloaded for viewing.
  • If the presentations are not downloaded, some may take 2-3 minutes to load for viewing.

Refer to the Quality Conference 2010 Presentations for additional Training Information.

Contact (860-433-3395) for any of the following forms:
Audit Attribute Checklist-TechPub-278/Mil-278 – Welding Consumable Control
Guidelines for Contract Review of Purchase Orders – In-Process Welding Checklist
Titanium Welding Fabrication Review Checklist – VPAR Instruction Brochure
Welding/NDT Record Checklist Welder Performance Welding Checklist
Contact (860-433-3589) for any of the following forms:
Final Visual (VT) Weld Inspector Performance – NDT Lessons Learned – Even a monkey can do it.
For additional information regarding the Tailored Training Sessions, please contact (860-433-4735)