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Navy Awards EB $47M USS Alexandria SRA
(May 5, 2007)

Electric Boat Lays Keel for Submarine New Hampshire
(April 30, 2007)

Electric Boat Is Awarded $32 Million For Virginia-Class Long-Lead Material
(April 19, 2007)

Electric Boat Receives $11.9 Million Contract Modification for Submarine Support Work
(March 22, 2007)

Fletcher Named Chief Information Officer For General Dynamics Electric Boat
(March 21, 2007)

Electric Boat, Rhode Island officials emphasize wellness at Quonset Point fitness center dedication
(March 14, 2007)

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $10 Million For Alteration Work on USS Texas
(January 15, 2007)

Navy Awards EB $47M USS Alexandria SRA

GROTON, Conn. (May 5, 2007) - The U.S. Navy has awarded Electric Boat a $46.7 million contract to perform routine maintenance and modernization work on the USS Alexandria (SSN-757), a Los Angeles-class attack submarine.

Under the terms of the contract, Electric Boat will perform a Selected Restricted Availability, which consists of repairs, maintenance work, alterations and several major systems upgrades. The work will take place at the Navy Submarine Base in Groton and involve up to 300 employees at its peak; it is expected to be completed by September 2007.

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Electric Boat Lays Keel For Submarine New Hampshire

QUONSET POINT, R.I. (April 30, 2007) - In a shower of sparks, Quonset Point welder Kevin Cullen marked the ceremonial construction start of the submarine New Hampshire as he inscribed the initials of Ship Sponsor Cheryl McGuinness on a steel plate that will become part of the ship.

Hundreds of employees as well as representatives from the Navy and Congress attended the event - the official keel laying of New Hampshire at Electric Boat's Quonset Point facility.

Ship Sponsor McGuinness, a resident of Portsmouth, N.H., will christen the submarine at the Groton shipyard in about a year. Her husband, Tom, died on Sept. 11, 2001 when the jet he was co-piloting, American Airlines Flight 11, was flown into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Since then, Mrs. McGuinness has reached out to others who have experienced tragedy by sharing her message of courage, determination and love.

Electric Boat President John Casey, who presided over the event, noted that while New Hampshire is the fifth ship of the Virginia class, it is establishing some significant firsts for the program.

"It will be the first Virginia-class ship to be built in four sections, a noteworthy improvement from the 10 required for the lead ship," he said. This achievement reflects advances in the company's module-handling capabilities, which allow us to move sections weighing 2,000 tons, up from the previous maximum of just under 1,600 tons.

"With this increased modular-construction efficiency, we can now ship four essentially complete hull sections to the final assembly facilities in Connecticut and Virginia," Casey said.

"New Hampshire will be the first ship to have its various hull coatings applied during construction at Quonset Point's new coatings facility. Representing an investment of some $9.4 million, this facility is expected to produce total Virginia program savings of $139 million," he said.

New Hampshire also will set a new standard for speedier delivery, Casey said. "Production and process improvements have put New Hampshire on a track to be delivered in 72 months, a year ahead of earlier ships. We're going to do this even though the ship's construction was already under way when the new accelerated building schedule was put in place.

"These steps - along with many others in process or in development - are greatly increasing overall efficiency, one of the keys to Virginia program affordability.

"Importantly, these steps also allow us to support the Defense Department's goal of attaining a production rate of two ships per year no later than FY 12," said Casey. "That's good news for the shipbuilders, the suppliers, the submarine force and most significantly - our nation's security."

Northrop Grumman Newport News President Mike Petters underscored Casey's comments about Virginia program progress. "Shipbuilders are working side-by-side and in teams to brainstorm, develop and execute on ideas that save money and improve efficiency," he said. "These efforts have been happening for some time " and the momentum is steadily growing as we build each ship of the class.

"It's a very exciting time to be building submarines," Petters continued. "The team is focused on taking lessons learned from each task, from each project, and from each ship - and doing it better than the way it was done before.

"And we're seeing the results. The results of your hard work and your dedication to excellence. Today marks another public demonstration of that excellence - the laying of the keel for the fifth ship of the class - New Hampshire," Petters said.

Petters was followed in the speaking program by U.S. Rep. James Langevin of Rhode Island's Second District. "It's always great to be with those who make our submarine force the best in the world. Everyone here in New England understands the importance of submarines - we have a proud tradition of shipbuilding that is deeply entwined in our history," Langevin said.

"As a co-chair of the Congressional Submarine Caucus, I never miss an opportunity to tell that story to other people and to make sure they understand the contributions of submarines to our national defense. Submarines provide unparalleled capability, flexibility and power and are an important asset of our nation's fleet.

"I am also proud to tell people about the employees of Electric Boat in Rhode Island and Connecticut, whose vision and fine workmanship have contributed so greatly to our military readiness. Your dedication and expertise make our nation stronger and our families safer. For that I cannot thank you enough.

"In Congress, I have been a strong advocate for the Virginia-class and have been fighting to build more so that our Navy has enough ships to meet the challenges they face. I am hopeful that this year we will take the necessary steps to increase our production rate so that we can get to two ships per year sooner than the scheduled date of 2012," said Langevin.

The event's principal speaker, Rear Adm. Cecil D. Haney, commander - Submarine Group Two, said New Hampshire represents a transformational leap forward in submarine technology and a revolution in the design and construction processes used to build the ship.

"As you look at the history of our great country, it is rich in the history of innovators," he said. "Remarkable people doing remarkable things. The construction of this multi-mission ship is no different.

"It is the patriotic team of innovative professionals that includes the employees of General Dynamics Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman Newport News and the submarine crew that will continue work to deliver the submarine New Hampshire in 2008," said Haney.

Referring to the military's high demand for submarine missions, Haney said, "We are busy - on any given day more than 60 percent of our attack submarines are under way, and 10 are deployed forward.

"Our submarines will continue to be in demand," he said. "Day-in and day-out, they will be enhancing maritime security, gathering vital intelligence information and shaping the environment to avert the next conflict. Yet they stand ready to engage quickly and decisively, if necessary," Haney said.

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Electric Boat Is Awarded $32 Million For Virginia-Class Long-Lead Material

GROTON, Conn. (April 19, 2007) - The U.S. Navy has awarded Electric Boat $32 million in material orders for the purchase of long-lead material for Virginia-Class submarine spares.

Under the terms of the awards, Electric Boat will purchase the materials required for the construction of spares for ships service turbine-generator and main-propulsion units and other components. The material orders are part of a contract initially awarded in March 2004; if all options are exercised and funded, the contract could be worth more than $1.1 billion over five years. The work is expected to be completed by March 2009.

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Electric Boat Receives $11.9 Million Contract Modification for Submarine Support Work

GROTON, Conn. (March 22, 2007) - The U.S. Navy has awarded Electric Boat an $11.9 million contract modification for nuclear-submarine and shore support facility work.

Under the terms of the contract modification, Electric Boat will provide management, design and installation services for shore-support facilities consolidations and operational nuclear submarines retrofits.

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Fletcher Named Chief Information Officer For General Dynamics Electric Boat

GROTON, Conn. (March 21, 2007)) - Kristin L. Fletcher has been appointed chief information officer (CIO) for Electric Boat, a new position that includes responsibility to support other General Dynamics Marine Group companies.

She will report to Richard J. Geschrei, vice president - operations, at Electric Boat.

In response to the changing business environment at Electric Boat, the following organizations will be realigned to support Fletcher: Integrated Product Development Environment/Information Technology (IPDE/IT), Lean Engineering and Planning.

This change is being made to improve the integration of the company's business processes and assure that process improvement projects are focused on strategic business enhancements.

Further, the reconfigured organization is charged to involve key constituents in vision development and execution of next-generation IT systems and business processes. Additional organizational refinements are expected as this transition develops.

Fletcher earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale University, a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern Maine.

Fletcher has more than 22 years experience at General Dynamics, including assignments at Bath Iron Works as manager of strategic planning and DD(X) program manager; General Dynamics headquarters as director, business analysis and programs; AMSEA as vice president and controller; and most recently, director of strategic business development at Electric Boat.

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Electric Boat, Rhode Island officials emphasize wellness at Quonset Point fitness center dedication

QUONSET POINT, R.I. (March 14, 2007) - Electric Boat's Quonset Point facility dedicated its new Wellness/Fitness Center earlier this month in a ceremony that stressed the company's commitment to employee health.

The dedication drew several high-profile participants including Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri and the state's deputy health director, Dr. Bill Waters. Both men praised Electric Boat for its leadership in employee wellness initiatives.

The new 4,100 square foot facility is outfitted with exercise equipment and offers exercise classes, personal training, smoking cessation counseling, nutrition counseling as well as other wellness and fitness programs.

"Every company today is wrestling with the issue of health-care costs", said Carcieri, who described his administrations initiatives to promote wellness throughout the state. He emphasized the need for a partnership comprising the state and private enterprise, adding, "As is typical, Electric Boat is leading the way."

"This is exciting for me," he said. "Wellness is a big issue for all of us and it's great to see a company like Electric Boat take a leadership position."

Noting that adults spend most of their waking hours at work, Deputy Health Director Waters said, "If we want to promote wellness and disease prevention, we have to do it in the workplace."

"The dedication of this fitness center shows that Electric Boat is out in front in terms of providing leadership for the state and their employees," he said. "From a public health perspective, we appreciate your efforts and congratulate you."

Quonset Point's medical director, Dr. Susan Andrews, also expressed her excitement about the new facility. "The job of creating and maintaining a well workforce is much easier when cooperation exists among the medical staff, the operations staff and, of course, the employees," she said. "We're all certainly on the same page when it comes to wellness at EB."

"Just two years ago, this building didn't exist as you see it now," Andrews continued. "The concept of wellness at EB was just that - a concept. In a short time, we've evolved into a successful, comprehensive program."

Site Manager Bill Frydryk said that while company events usually involve large steel structures, big buildings and new technology, the dedication of the Wellness/Fitness Center was different but no less significant.

"Our new wellness center is as important as any manufacturing structure here at Quonset Point," he said. "This new facility gives our most important asset, our people, an opportunity to live healthier, more productive lifestyles - both on an off the job."

Also addressing the dedication day gathering was John P. Casey, who said, "As president of Electric Boat, my highest priority is the safety and well-being of every employee. I value the people of this company and will provide support initiatives that ensure and improve not just your health but the health of your families as well."

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U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $10 Million For Alteration Work on USS Texas

GROTON, Conn.(Jan. 15, 2007) - The U.S. Navy has awarded Electric Boat a $9.7 million contract modification to incorporate ship alterations on USS Texas (SSN-775), the second Virginia-class attack submarine.

The work will be performed at Electric Boat's shipyard here during the post-shakedown availability for Texas and is scheduled to be completed by February 2008.

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