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Statement from EB President Kevin Graney: EB Receives $475M Contract Modification for Columbia Program

GROTON, Conn. (September 30, 2021) - Today, the Navy announced a $475 million modification to the Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) contract to continue to advance the construction of the Columbia-class of submarines, the nation’s next-generation sea-based strategic deterrent.

The modification provides funding for shipyard execution work, planning, engineering, design efforts, test and evaluation support, and material procurement. This contract modification also provides funding for submarine industrial base development and expansion in support of the Columbia-class specifically, and the broader nuclear shipbuilding enterprise, as part of an integrated enterprise shipbuilding plan.

"Since the inception of the Columbia program more than 14 years ago, Electric Boat has leveraged more than a century of submarine design and construction experience into this priority program," said Kevin Graney, president, General Dynamics Electric Boat. "Our efforts have been focused on reducing technical risk, investing in our workforce and facilities and investing in our supply chain. This funding provides crucial support to our industrial base partners to ensure we meet the needs of the Navy."

EB Marks Keel Laying of Virginia-Class Submarine UTAH (SSN 801)

GROTON, Conn. (September 01, 2021) - Electric Boat held a keel laying ceremony for the 28th ship of the Virginia class, the submarine Utah (SSN 801), at Quonset Point. EB senior staff, including President Kevin Graney and Vice President for QP Operations Sean Davies, joined Navy leadership, EB employees, and members of the Utah commissioning committee to mark this important construction milestone.

Utah will be the second Navy vessel named after the "Beehive State,” the first being a Florida-class battleship (BB-31) commissioned in 1911. BB-31 served during the Mexican Revolution, World War I, and provided a covering force for Allied convoys near Britain in 1918.

The battleship met its fate during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 where it was moored as an anti-aircraft gunnery training ship. "The six torpedoes used on Utah could have potentially destroyed a third or fourth battleship, further crippling US naval power in the Pacific and changing the course of the war,” said Graney. "Today the hull of Utah remains at Pearl Harbor as a memorial to the 58 officers and crew who lost their lives that day. May the spirit of those brave souls guide the future crew of the second USS Utah, whose keel-laying today celebrates the ceremonial birth of the ship. In the days of wooden ships, the start of construction was marked by the laying of the first timber – the backbone of the vessel.” Graney explained how this tradition has been modified to reflect current manufacturing methods and the cylindrical shape of modern submarines, also noting that the bottom centerline of these ships is referred to as the keel.

Ship Sponsor, Ms. Kate Mabus, delivered her remarks and expressed her dedication to the future crew of the Utah. "This Utah will be a fitting tribute to those who served on the original USS Utah. I recognize the responsibility I have as sponsor to be a part of this submarines life. I am immensely excited to meet the sailors that will serve on the Utah, and the Captain who will command her. As a plank owner and honorary member of the first crew, I will be connected with the Utah for the decades she serves in the fleet. As we lay the keel today, I also want to celebrate the amazing ship builders here at Electric Boat as well as those at Huntington Ingalls in Newport News, Virginia who are building the other parts.”

Steven Tavares, an X-Ray welder in D921 was selected to weld the sponsor’s initials on the keel plate that will permanently be installed in the Utah. Tavares joined EB in 2013 as an entry level welder in D915 after working in the concrete/masonry industry for 11 years. He was selected for his high weld acceptance rate, as well as the quality and complexity of the welds he performs.

After verifying her initials on the plate that will be installed in the Utah for the entire service life of the boat, Ms. Mabus concluded the event with the declaration, "I declare this keel to be well and truly laid.”

Quonset Point employee Steven Tavares, an X-Ray Welder in Dept. 921, welds Ship Sponsor Kate Mabus' initials into the Keel Plate that will be installed on the Utah.
Quonset Point employee Steven Tavares, an X-Ray Welder in Dept. 921, welds Ship Sponsor Kate Mabus' initials into the Keel Plate that will be installed on the Utah. Hi‑Res Photo

General Dynamics to Christen the U.S. Navy's Newest Submarine, Hyman G. Rickover, on Saturday

GROTON, Conn. (July 30, 2021) - General Dynamics Electric Boat will christen Rickover (SSN 795), the U.S. Navy's newest and most advanced nuclear attack submarine, at a ceremony at its shipyard on Saturday, July 31, at 9:30 a.m. Electric Boat is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).

Darleen Greenert is the ship sponsor. She has served in the U.S. Navy for 42 years as a naval officer, a volunteer and a devoted military spouse; her husband Jonathan Greenert is a former Chief of Naval Operations. Ms. Greenert has contributed to the welfare of Navy and military families through her volunteer service. She has served as a senior advisor for numerous naval and military spouse organizations.

The submarine Rickover is the 22nd ship of the Virginia Class. The central characteristic of the class is the modularity derived from the design/build approach, which supports efficient construction and mission capability. This provides the U.S. Navy with a submarine class that advances the state-of-the-art with each succeeding ship. Rickover's adaptability makes it highly responsive to changing mission requirements.

Electric Boat and its partner, Newport News Shipbuilding, share construction of the submarines under a teaming agreement. A total of 28 Virginia-class submarines have been delivered, are under construction or under contract.

A live video and audio webcast of the Rickover christening will be accessible online at: www.gdebchristenings.com. Webcast coverage will begin Saturday at 9:00 a.m. EST; the ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at approximately 10:45 a.m. The program will be available for on-demand replay for one week, beginning at approximately 3:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Attendance is by invitation only.

EB Fact Sheet for Rickover Christening