2005 Electric Boat News

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EB News December 2005

December 2005

Top stories:
  • Casey defines EB's challenge: Ensuring success while confronting downturn
  • EB awarded $77 million contract
  • Special section: The volunteers of EB
EB News November 2005

November 2005

Top stories:
  • Casey explains rationale behind management reorganization
  • Teams accelerate company's process improvements
  • Quonset Point dedicates new facility
EB News October 2005

October 2005

Top stories:
  • EB honors its 40-year employees
  • Painting and coating team meets NAVSEA challenge
  • Leadership development is described
  • EB holds Employee Open House
EB News September 2005

September 2005

Top stories:
  • Graving Dock 3 repairs on schedule
  • EB engineer nets international award
  • Job rotation program broadens participants' skills, business savvy
  • COATS team honored for excellence
EB News August 2005

August 2005

Top stories:
  • Management examines company's organizational performance
  • EB completes 1st all-electronic design
  • Joint effort improves scaffold safety
  • New sheet metal shop near completion
EB News July 2005

July 2005

Top stories:
  • Employee incentive program continues
  • John Casey testifies at BRAC hearing
  • Business Development organization learns how to "sell" Electric Boat
  • New Training group gets to work
EB News June 2006

June 2005

Top stories:
  • Team achieves perfection on Virginia-class welding job
  • John Casey addresses RPI graduates
  • Groton submarine base wins safety award, with help from EB employees
EB News May 2005

May 2005

Top stories:
  • Largest Virginia-class module makes trip from Quonset Point to Groton
  • Technology teams mark 10 years
  • John Casey issues message on BRAC
  • EB nurse receives professional honor
EB News April 2006

April 2005

Top stories:
  • Hawaii (SSN776) takes shape as sail is landed on the submarine's hull
  • Job-rotation program enhances careers
  • GD chairman recognizes EB team for environmental, safety and health efforts
EB News March 2005

March 2005

Top stories:
  • Shipyard preps for biggest submarine modernization job of the year
  • Steel trades employ advanced technology for hull-joining process
  • EB to provide defibrillators at all sites
EB News February 2005

February 2005

Top stories:
  • Navy commissions USS Jimmy Carter
  • New building enhances work of hull-coating crew
  • USS Florida reaches key conversion milestone ahead of schedule
EB News January 2005

January 2005

Top stories:
  • Graving dock repairs move forward
  • Skipper recognizes Navy/EB efforts to deliver submarine Jimmy Carter
  • Success follows success at lagger shop
  • Quonset Point ships hull sections