2003 Electric Boat News

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EB News December 2003

December 2003

Top stories:
  • EB president addresses local leaders
  • Shipyard quickly completes engine room steaming of Virginia (SSN774)
  • Special section: The volunteers of EB
EB News November 2003

November 2003

Top stories:
  • USS Augusta's docking signals start of major maintenance jobs
  • Navy recognizes EB for security plan
  • EB honors veterans, past and present
EB News October 2003

October 2003

Top stories:
  • Q&A with EB President John Casey
  • New tracking system improves EB's process improvement program
  • Lean Six Sigma program is explained
  • Distinguished Shipbuilders honored
EB News September 2003

September 2003

Top stories:
  • Shipyard teamwork keeps Virginia (SSN774) on schedule
  • Strategic plan for 2004 unveiled
  • EB preparing cranes for future work
EB News August 2003

August 2003

Top stories:
  • EB christens the Virginia (SSN774)
  • Electricians find better, safer ways to run submarine cables
  • Hull-testing procedure goes strapless
EB News July 2003

July 2003

Top stories:
  • Operations director credits employee dedication for progress on Virginia
  • EB raises its environmental standards to a higher level
  • New tank eases pressure of tough job
EB News June 2003

June 2003

Top stories:
  • Shipyard apprentices return to school
  • EB storage area is now shipshape
  • Back safety program is revived
  • Navy honors EB employees for work at Groton submarine base
EB News May 2003

May 2003

Top stories:
  • 18 graduate from Electric Boat's associate's degree program
  • Quonset Point manager gets award
  • EB divers are jacks of all trades
  • New uses found for milling machine
EB News April 2003

April 2003

Top stories:
  • Rotation program gives engineers shipyard experience
  • Calibration process is streamlined
  • First module for Hawaii (SSN776) shipped to Groton by Quonset Point
EB News March 2003

March 2003

Top stories:
  • Oil analysis program makes crane maintenance safer, easier, cheaper
  • Quonset Point team competes in national quality competition
  • Toner discusses GD Marine Systems
EB News February 2003

February 2003

Top stories:
  • Influx of shipyard workers keeps Trade Training Department humming
  • Shipyard job fair draws nearly 500
  • Cooperative safety program sends off-site injury rates plummeting
EB News Janaury 2003

January 2003

Top stories:
  • Safety at EB gets better year by year
  • Safety mockup teaches real lessons
  • Work goes on despite the holidays
  • VPs discuss management development