2002 Electric Boat News

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EB News December 2002

December 2002

Top stories:
  • EB has strong finish for 2002, opportunities for success in 2003
  • Shock, vibration meeting highlights EB
  • Special section: The volunteers of EB
EB News November 2002

November 2002

Top stories:
  • SSN774 achieves major milestone
  • EB submits its largest-ever bid to Navy
  • Navy salutes two EB employees
  • EB honors its veterans with plaque
EB News October 2002

October 2002

Top stories:
  • EB honors Distinguished Shipbuilders
  • Process mapping shows way to workplace improvement
  • Strategic plan for 2003 unveiled
EB News September 2002

September 2002

Top stories:
  • Former President Carter visits EB
  • Defibrillator makes Quonset safer
  • Blast and paint shops are spiffing up
  • Literacy tutor helps man land EB job
EB News August 2002

August 2002

Top stories:
  • EB resurrects apprentice program
  • High-schoolers learn the ropes at EB
  • Roving employees enhance safety
  • USS Memphis work progressing well
EB News July 2002

July 2002

Top stories:
  • EB wins quality improvement awards
  • New tool makes sheetmetal safer
  • Employee simplifies plug fabrication
  • Continuous Improvement is thriving
EB News June 2002

June 2002

Top stories:
  • Partnership generates success
  • Electrical trades prepare for challenge
  • EB has major presence at conference
  • Employees attend welding show
EB News May 2002

May 2002

Top stories:
  • Virginia on track for early delivery
  • EB's submarine supply business is growing
  • Battery removal job is smooth, quick
EB News April 2002

April 2002

Top stories:
  • Navy commends EB for Nautilus work
  • Piping trades enhance productivity
  • Employees earn high marks in ISO audit
  • GD honors EB technologists
EB News March 2002

March 2002

Top stories:
  • U.S. Navy honors EB employee
  • Management development has a new focus, a new approach
  • Transportation employees praised
EB News February 2002

February 2002

Top stories:
  • Employees talk, managers listen
  • SSN23 diesel generator is an EB success story
  • EB walkers raise $35K for charity
EB News January 2002

January 2002

Top stories:
  • EB, employees are focused on safety
  • New facility boosts Quonset Point's construction capabilities
  • Scholarship fund receives holiday gift