2000 Electric Boat News

Below are links to recent issues of EB News, the company newspaper. The files are in PDF, which requires Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in available for download from www.adobe.com. To view an issue, simply click on its cover. To return to this list afterward, click on your browser's Back button.

EB News December 2000

December 2000

Top stories:
  • Nardone Discusses Shipyard Hiring Plans
  • EB’s Heart Walkers Stride to the Top
  • 44 Apprentices are Honored at Graduation
EB News November 2000

November 2000

Top stories:
  • Navy Christens World’s Largest Autonomous Submarine
  • Quonset Point Breaks Ground for $12.4M Steel Processing Center
  • Painters Spruce up Home of Food-Bank Founder
EB News October 2000

October 2000

Top stories:
  • Electric Boat Brings Home the Gold…and the Silver: Company Wins Five Awards in Quality Improvement Competition
  • GD Third-Quarter Per Share Earnings Increase 12 Percent
  • Seawolf CO Salutes Shipyard Workers
EB News September 2000

September 2000

Top stories:

  • Navy to launch Sub Test Platform in Idaho Lake
  • Electric Boat Software Experts Preparing for Assessment
  • Pipeshop Employs Laser Technology
EB News August 2000

August 2000

Top stories:
  • EB Safety Performance Wins Corporate Awards
  • Shipyard Group’s Performance Draws VIPs
  • Incentive Program Performance
EB News July 2000

July 2000

Top stories:
  • Earned Hours and EB’s Incentive Program
  • Fair Skies, Food and Tall Ships Mark Employee Recognition Cookout
  • Decision –support Group can Show you How to go About it the Right Way
EB News June 2000

June 2000

Top stories:
  • Machinists Make Case for $1.25 M Purchase
  • Minority Organization Names EB Corporation of the Year
  • White House Selects Virginia Program for Environmental Award
EB News April 2000

April 2000

Top stories:
  • EB’s Strategic Plan: 2000-2003
  • Strategic Plan Summary
EB News March 2000

March 2000

Top stories:
  • Performance on Seawolf TAV Earns Employees Praise
  • Toner Describes Employee Relations Vison
  • First Virginia Outfitted Hull Section Arrives in Groton
EB News February 2000

February 2000

Top stories:
  • All-electric Navy Picks up Steam
  • Q&A with Mike Toner
  • Crew Tackle Cold Weather Woes