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Proud History of Innovation

For more than a century, General Dynamics Electric Boat has partnered with the U.S. Navy to deliver submarines with the most advanced undersea capabilities in the world. Over the last century, Electric Boat has achieved a number of significant first – delivering what would be the Navy's first commissioned submarine, its first welded-hull submarine, its first nuclear submarine, and its first strategic-deterrent submarine. Today, the company is engaged in serial production of the Virginia-class submarine, planning the next-generation ballistic-missile submarine, and generating concepts such as the Virginia Payload Module that could prove crucial to our future national security.

"This (Ohio-class replacement) is foundational to our survival as a nation."

ADM John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations

"Not only are these submarines coming in within budget and ahead of schedule, their performance is exceeding expectations and continues to improve with each ship delivered. I consider Virginia-class cost reduction efforts a model for all our ships, submarines, and aircraft."

ADM Gary Roughead, Former Chief of Naval Operations
Testimony to the House Armed Services Committee

"I expect industry to make the necessary investments in infrastructure and in training to build (Navy) ships. I also expect that both cost and construction time will come down with each successive platform built. Some of the classes of ships and aircraft that we have built have been incredibly successful at this, like the Virginia-class attack submarine."

Remarks by the Hon. Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy
SECNAV Current Strategy Forum

"On a crew-size-per-tonnage basis, attack submarines are among the most efficient ships in the Navy inventory. They make up about 24 percent of our major combatants but use only seven percent of the people and 12 percent of the budget."

Center for National Policy report

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