Ohio Class

The 18 Ohio-class (Trident) ballistic-missile submarines must be considered among the most effective warships ever built.

Designed and built by Electric Boat, these submarines are without question the most powerful ships ever put to sea. With a length of 560 feet, a submerged displacement of 18,750 tons and a payload of 24 multiple-warhead, long-range Trident ballistic missiles, each of these vessels provides the Navy with an unparalleled combination of stealth, strategic capability and superior operating capability.

The Trident program has been cited by the General Accounting Office as a model of cost-effective military procurement.

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Ship statistics

18,750 tons (submerged))
560 feet
Hull Diameter:
42 feet
35 feet
25+ knots
Diving Depth:
800+ feet
Trident missiles; Mark 48 anti-submarine torpedoes
15 officers, 139 enlisted crew members

Ohio Class Photo Gallery

Ships of the Ohio Class