Electric Boat, Newport Engineering Office (NEO)

In 1976, Electric Boat established an office at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Middletown, RI, known at that time as NUSC. The office provided TRIDENT system engineering services and program management. In 1982, EB established the Newport Engineering Office (NEO) in Middletown, RI adjacent to NUWC Division Newport and today provides Non-Propulsion Electronics Systems (NPES) products and engineering services for all classes of submarines.

Personnel at NEO are involved in a wide range of business areas such as:

  • Simulation/Stimulation
    • Virginia
    • Ohio Replacement
    • SSBN Modernization
  • Backfit and Modernization
    • NUWC Newport Code 25 - OHIO class NPES Engineering
    • EB Planning Yard - OHIO Class NPES Ship Alteration Engineering Lead
  • Other Engineering Tasking
    • NUWC Code 40 System Engineering
    • PMS392D TEMPALT System Engineering
    • SSBN Monitoring System Maintenance
    • Circuit D Software Engineering
    • Omnibus Contract Task Management
Directions to Newport Engineering Office