HSI-Electric Boat, Honolulu

HSI-Electric Boat has been the leader among Hawaii’s marine and industrial electrical firms since 1947 - enhanced in 2008 by our integration into General Dynamics Electric Boat, which designs, builds and maintains U.S. Navy submarines.

Our 40,000-square-foot shop and headquarters are centrally located in the Sand Island industrial section of Honolulu, with ready access to road, sea and air transportation. This facility houses the best equipped motor and machine shop in the state, staffed by top-notch certified technicians. In the field, our installation and repair technicians are responsive, experienced and broadly capable. We feature the full spectrum of in-shop and on-site electrical apparatus installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

We are proud to provide unique quality and technical capabilities to our customers – from U.S. Navy ships and nuclear submarines, to commercial shipping vessels, to wind turbines and conventional power generation operations, to refineries and medical facilities. HSI-EB technicians are fully trained and compliant with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard, as well as with state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations. Our name is a watchword among those who call Hawaii home, and whose lives and livelihoods depend on the equipment we attend.

As we have for more than 60 years, HSI-Electric Boat continues to be Hawaii’s “go-to” provider, whenever quality, service, reliability and accountability are imperative. Rely on us to serve your needs!

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