Electric Boat, Groton

Electric Boat's Groton location occupies 118 acres along the Thames River and supports engineering and design work as well as new construction and maintenance activities.

New construction work occurs within the Land Level Ship Construction Facility built in the 1970s to support the TRIDENT ballistic-missile submarine program. This facility receives hull sections and modules from Quonset Point and Huntington Ingalls-Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia, assembles them into completed submarines, and then positions the ships for float-off (launching) using electric/hydraulic transfer cars and a pontoon in a graving dock.

Two additional dry docks as well as various piers and shops also support maintenance and repair activities for active submarines, primarily those assigned to the Naval Submarine Base, New London.

More than 400,000 square feet of space in Groton are dedicated to submarine and surface ship design, and the development and demonstration of undersea systems.

Connectivity and interface between design, engineering, planning, and manufacturing organizations at both Groton and Quonset Point facilities for design reviews is accomplished through the use of an Electronic Visualization System.

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