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Updated Information on Cybersecurity DFARs

For all suppliers that handle Covered Defense Information (aka, technical data) the following is provided for your information and use. In this presentation the DoD CIO provides some clarifications, expectations and resources to support implementation of the updated cyber security DFARS. Reference to free services for small contractors is included. DoD also hosted an Industry Day in June 2017 with additional clarifications on this topic that presentation is provided here. An additional resource is the DoDs FAQ on these subjects and is provided for your convenience here.

New Menu Options

The Supplier webpage has been updated to include new menu options on the left navigation menu. One of the major changes is a new Supplier Forms page. The purpose of this change is to increase form visibility and make it easier for Suppliers, as well as EB personnel, to access forms.

POs in 2014

Purchase orders issued in 2014 will contain an equal sign instead of a dash ("=" in lieu of "-"). Please verify that you have the correct purchase order number when providing related documentation to EB, or it will be rejected or marked invalid. Contact your buyer for more information.

Important Notice to Current EB Suppliers

The Letter of Advisement form contains the minimum requirements for reporting important information to Electric Boat in the event non-conformities or latent defects are found after delivery and acceptance of hardware.

Material Non-Conformances

Non-Conformances Affecting Previously Accepted/Delivered Hardware:  In the event non-conformities or latent defects are discovered after delivery and acceptance of hardware supplied by your company to Electric Boat.

Letter of Advisement Requirements: Requirements for Letters of Advisement in the event non-conformities or latent defects are discovered after delivery and acceptance of hardware can be found in the Letter of Advisement Template.

Transmission of Technical Data

Security Notice Regarding Transmission of Technical Data to EB:  Acceptable methods for transmitting technical data to General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation.

Supplier Information Bulletins