1999 Electric Boat News

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EB News December 1999

December 1999

Top stories:
  • Welch Looks back on 1999…Forward to the Future
  • Red Cross thanks EB Donors
  • Dr. Johnson Discusses New Smoking Policy
EB News November 1999

November 1999

Top stories:
  • Electric Boat Salutes Veterans
  • General Dynamics Third Quarter Per Share Earnings Increase 17 Percent
  • Leadership Training’s Next Step: Supervisory Skills
EB News September 1999

September 1999

Top stories:

  • Senator Warner lays Keel for First Virginia Class Submarine
  • Painters Leverage Maintenance Work for Jobs, Increased Efficiencies
  • EB Meets Software Development Standards
EB News August 1999

August 1999

Top stories:
  • Centennial Family Day Draws Thousands to Shipyard
  • Feedback on Centennial Family Day
EB News June 1999

June 1999

Top stories:
  • The Communications Audit: a Q&A
  • The Secret Life of Engineers
  • General Dynamics Land Systems: A Profile
EB News April 1999

April 1999

Top stories:
  • Carpenters Pour it on in Record MIP Application
  • Jim Turner Addresses Electric Boat Management Association
  • General Dynamics to Receive Tax Refund in Second Quarter
EB News February 1999

February 1999

Top stories:
  • New Flag Flies on Main Yard Hills
  • Corporate Earnings: 1998 Per Share Earnings are up 14.4% at GD
  • Admiral Reason Tours Electric Boat