1998 Electric Boat News

Below are links to recent issues of EB News, the company newspaper. The files are in PDF, which requires Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in available for download from www.adobe.com. To view an issue, simply click on its cover. To return to this list afterward, click on your browser's Back button.

EB News December 1998

December 1998

Top stories:
  • Navy Commissions USS Connecticut
  • EB Team Walks Off With Top Raising Honors
  • USS Connecticut Joins Navy Fleet
EB News November 1998

November 1998

Top stories:
  • Quonset Point Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  • Veteran Employees Reflect on a Quarter Century at Quonset Point
  • Quonset Point Timeline
EB News October 1998

October 1998

Top stories:

  • EB and Low-Rate Production: Welch Provides Perspective
  • EB, Newport News, the Navy, and the New Attack Submarine, Part II
  • Coming to GD: More “Visual Organizations”
EB News July 1998

July 1998

Top stories:
  • Electric Boat Purses Global Quality Certification
  • Employee Team Pushes Paperless Workplace
  • Welch Addresses Submarine Force levels Industry and Acquisition Strategies
EB News May 1998

May 1998

Top stories:
  • Defense Department Salutes New Attack Sub Program
  • Improvements Made in U.S. Savings Bond Program
  • Supship Honors EB Employees for Acquisition Reform
EB News March 1998

March 1998

Top stories:
  • Welch Sketches Blueprint for Company’s Success
  • Facilities Plans Spring Planting
  • Tech Lectures Help Build More Effective Employees