1996 Electric Boat News

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EB News December 1996

December 1996

Top stories:
  • Employees, Company Donate $1M to United Way
  • MTC Employees Contribute to SNN-21 Repairs
  • Employee Task Group Defines “Culture Change”
EB News November 1996

November 1996

Top stories:
  • Community Services Goal: 80% Employee Participation
  • State Environmental Group Learns About New Attack Sub
  • Welch outlines EB’s Future for Management Group
EB News October 1996

October 1996

Top stories:

  • Welch to EB: Get Ready for NSSN Competition
  • Graphic Services Introduces High Tech Equipment
  • General Dynamics Reports 3Q Results
EB News September 1996

September 1996

Top stories:

  • A Q&A With Operations’ John Casey
  • New process Evaluates EB’s Design/Build Approach
  • EB Will Lead Shipbuilding Improvement Project
EB News August 1996

August 1996

Top stories:
  • EB Christens 18th and Final Trident
  • EB Gets Refreshing Breath of New Technology
  • Improve the Workplace Through Communication
EB News July 1996

July 1996

Top stories:
  • Seawolf Returns From Sea Trials: Navy Praises Ship’s Performance
  • Q&A With Bob Nardone
  • Welch Reaffirms EB’s Commitment to Apprentice Program
EB News March/April 1996

March/April 1996

Top stories:
  • Seawolf Team hangs Tough
  • Power and Performance From the Sea
  • Holly Pierce: Still a Believer in Culture Change
EB News February 1996

February 1996

Top stories:
  • $1.5B Design Job is Key to EB’s Future
  • Aircraft Maker Flies High With Worker Involvement: Douglas Employees Share Success Story With EB
  • General Dynamics Reports 1995 Results
EB News January 1996

January 1996

Top stories:
  • 1995 Report to Employees
  • Innovation Focuses on SSN-23, NSSN
  • Delivery Prepares for Low-Rate Production